Fundraiser Terms

Please review the terms and conditions below. By booking a Display My Art (DMA) fundraiser your school/organization agrees to the following terms and conditions.

Student Art

Upon your request, art will be returned to the school at the end of the fundraiser.

Art Guidelines

It is the responsibility of the school/organization to ensure that all of the art guidelines are followed. DMA is not responsible for any production delays or image discrepancies that may occur due to the artwork being submitted incorrectly. DMA reserves the right to refuse art submissions not deemed acceptable and/or incomplete. Subject matter DMA considers violent will be rejected.

Delays in Schedule

Submitting your art and/or orders past the agreed upon dates may result in production delays and your brochures and/or orders being shipped later than scheduled. The schedule is contingent based on the submission of your art and orders and is subject to change. DMA is not responsible for any additional delivery charges that may occur due to late submissions.


Orders placed on time, online or over the phone can ship home free(1). If allowing paper orders, the buyer pays $1.50 shipping to school (per order number).

Late Orders

Late orders can be placed online or over the phone. Late orders deliver to the home with buyer’s choice of delivery method at an additional cost.


All DMA items are custom and are not refundable. Should there be a defect with your merchandise or a printing error, a replacement will be processed and shipped at DMA’s expense. Any issues must be submitted to your assigned DMA Representative within 30 days of merchandise delivery.

Cancellation of Fundraiser

Should your organization decide to cancel the fundraiser, all supplies and samples sent to your school must be returned to DMA within 30 days, at your school’s expense. If you are unable to return your supplies and samples you will be responsible to reimbuse DMA for their value(2).

Student Names

Your organization has the choice to electronically send us a class list(3) or to manually write the student’s information on their art paper. It is the school’s responsibility to make sure that information is correct and legible. DMA will not be responsible for any printing errors due to incorrect or illegible information provided. 

DMA reserves the right to modify the features offered upon reviewing past sales. DMA will be happy to assist in modifying our existing marketing flyers in hopes of improving future sales.

  1. Free home delivery within the Continental U.S. with standard shipping.
  2. The reimbursement amount will be calculated based on the number of samples and supplies sent.
  3. The student list must be sent in the required format (ex. word, excel, or delimited file). Student lists sent in PDF format will not be accepted.
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