8 Best Art Lesson Plans for Spring

Art Lesson Plans for Spring
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Discover the most inspiring lesson plans for srping!


Georgia O’Keefe Style Flowers: 4th-8th Grade


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8 Best Art Lesson Plans for Spring

Spring is just around the corner, with it comes an abundance of inspiration. Regardless of the age group, keeping lesson plans fresh and engaging can be a challenge. This coupled with ever shortening attention spans and a multitude of distractions in (and out of) the classroom can make for a sizable feat. Fear not! We’ve put together a list of our favorite seasonal art lesson plans guaranteed to spark imagination and keep students engaged. Whether teaching to kindergarteners or middle schoolers, these ideas are sure to get creative juices flowing in your class.

1. Georgia O’Keeffe Style Flowers: 4th-8th Grade

We love this lesson plan because the subject matter is perfect for springtime. Additionally, students learn about a well known, female painter who greatly influenced the twentieth century art world. Focus on discussing vantage point when teaching this lesson plan. Students can use flowers as a jumping off point to learn more about size and vantage of drawing. This is also a good opportunity to discuss shading and tinting to create depth and dimension within their piece.

Required Materials – drawing paper, pencils, watercolor or craft/acrylic paint, magic markers, paint brushes, samples of Georgia O’Keeffe’s flower paintings, photographs of real/silk flowers for reference.

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2. Footprint Butterflies & Rainy Day Handprint Chicks in Footprint Puddles: Pre-K-Kindergarten

Looking for an interactive art project for little kiddos? Look no further than this sweet, dual lesson plan. This lesson plan has two variations to choose from, butterflies and rainy day chicks. While the activity may be more involved than other simplified options, your class will be thrilled to use not only their hands, but also their feet to create shapes and mix paint to create personalized colors. Please note, some teacher preparation is required in order to ensure a smooth outcome. Be prepared for your students to be delighted as they interact with the materials to create their unique piece of art!

Required Materials – drawing paper, watercolor paint, washable craft paint, paintbrushes (optional), magic markers.

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3. Melinda Nguyen’s Tissue Paper ‘Stained Glass’ Hearts: PreK-5th Grade

This art teaching influencer created a wonderful way to share the love! We think Mrs. Nguyen’s Stained Glass heart project is a perfect opportunity to explain rainbows and color spectrums through overlapping, colored tissue paper. The project can be altered to suit any subject matter or theme. For the purpose of demonstration, the lesson plan utilizes hearts to create a crafty, stained glass effect.

Required Materials: black construction paper, liquid glue, paintbrush, transparency paper (or sheet protectors), non bleed tissue paper, scissors, water, small mixing container for water-glue solution.

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4. Colorful, Still Life Drawing: 1st-4th Grade

This simple lesson plan is easy for students to recreate and allows for lots of room to play and have fun with color and shape. The project outlines how to draw a coffee mug, however students can draw an easy vase using ovals and curved lines if they prefer. In fact, the variations are endless here, only limited by the student’s imagination. Encourage kids to use different patterns and colors while they fill in the various shapes to achieve a visually fun and interesting piece of art!

Required Materials: drawing paper, pencils, magic markers, craft/acrylic paint or colored pencils, black magic marker.

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5. Deep Space Sparkle’s Tulip Drawings in Oil Pastels: 1st-5th Grade

Nothing says spring like tulips! Let your class get creative with a springtime flowers project from Deep Space Sparkle. The project utilizes oil pastels as opposed to colored pencils or magic markers. This is an excellent way to expose your class to a medium they may be unfamiliar with; allowing them to experiment and explore how oil pastels blend and add dimension to their work.

Required Materials: white sulfate paper, oil pastels, tulip drawing guide (optional).

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6. Buggy and Buddy’s Outdoor Sand Art for Spring: PreK-2nd Grade

Try a different approach to drawing. Instead of reaching for traditional paper and pencils, take the project outside on the black top and use colored sand! This project gets kids thinking outside of the box. Brightly colored sand filled in squeeze bottles allow children to get even more creative and is a fun alternative to sidewalk chalk. Use pastel hued sand and encourage students to draw spring themed images like flowers, birds and insects.

Required Materials: colored sand, small plastic squeeze bottles with nozzle lids.

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7. Capri +3’s STEAM Fizzy Drip Painting: 2nd-5th Grade

Looking for a more scientific approach to art? Check out this alternative watercolor painting project. Watercolors are perfect for spring with the gentle wash of color they produce. Why not switch it up and make it a lesson in science too? This project is somewhat more advanced than traditional watercolor paint but very accessible with appropriate instruction.

Required Materials: food coloring, water, baking soda, white vinegar, bowls, spoons, thick plastic sheet to work on, thick white paper, rubbing alcohol (optional).

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8. Left Brain Craft Brain Earth Melted Crayon Rocks Craft: 3rd-5th Grade

A project perfect for earth day! Use funky shaped rocks and melted crayons to create a special piece of art that can be displayed forever. Let your class have fun mixing and melting various colored crayons onto paper weight sized rocks. Once completed, the rocks can be sprayed and sealed to protect and preserve them for years to come!

Required Materials: rocks (as circular as you can find), crayons, pictures of the earth, candle warmer, spoon, small tray lined with newspaper or wax paper, waterproof sealant (optional).

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Whichever project you choose, your class is sure to have fun and learn something new. Share your experience with us by commenting below or tag us on Instagram @displaymyart1. Happy creating!


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