Stunning Sunset Silhouettes Level: 4-5


Sunset Silhouettes

Art Lesson Plan by Display My Art



Look at images of sunsets and create a piece of art that accurately reflects the bright, changing colors of one. Also include the silhouette of a landscape in front of the sunset.



Anchor Standard #3
-Refine and Complete artistic work.

Anchor Standard #5
-Develop and refine artistic techniques and work for presentation.

Anchor Standard #10
-Synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experiences to make art.


Step 1:
Show children examples of sunset pictures. Tell them to notice how the sky changes colors: from oranges to yellows, from pinks to purples. Provide sunset colored craft paints for them.

Sunset Silhouette Art Lesson Plan


Step 2:
Have students paint bright strokes of the sunset colors on their paper. Have them brush along the edges of the different colors with moistened paintbrushes to bend the colors into each other. Allow paper to dry overnight.
***Please be careful NOT to saturate the paper with water when blending colors! This could cause paper to buckle and possibly make it unscannable.

Sunset Silhouette Art Lesson Plan


Step 3:
VERY LIGHTLY in pencil, have child draw an OUTLINE ONLY of the subject they wish to have for their silhouette on top of their sunset colored paper. The silhouettes will be shapes ONLY, no shading will be necessary. Make sure to have them add a land or water mass across the bottom of page so their subject has a base to stand/float on, OR they could have buildings stretched across the bottom.


Step 4:
Fill in the ENTIRE silhouetted shapes with black paint (or black magic marker). Allow paper to dry overnight again.

Sunset Silhouette Art Lesson Plan


*Don’t forget to put student name and year on the drawing, at least one inch away from the outside border.*

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Required Materials

  • 01Display My Art drawing paper
  • 02Pencil
  • 03 Craft/acrylic paints.
  • 04Black magic markers
  • 05Sample pictures of sunsets.
  • 06Soft paintbrush
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