Exciting Footprint Butterflies and Handprint Chicks Level: PreK-1


Footprint Butterflies and Handprint Chicks

Art Lesson Plan by Display My Art



Anchor Standard #1
-Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.

Anchor Standard #2
-Organize and develop artistic ideas and work.

Anchor Standard #3
-Refine and complete artistic work.



Follow the steps below to create your very own footprint butterflies or handprint chicks! This is great art lesson plan for for preschoolers and toddlers that will be so much fun.


Step 1:
In a contrasting color to what your footprints will be, paint a wash of craft paint over the entire background (colors shouldn’t be too dark so that footprint art will be seen). Allow to dry completely.
*** If you choose to use watercolors for the background, please be careful NOT to saturate paper with water! This could cause the paper to buckle and possibly make it unscannable.


Step 2:
FOOTPRINT BUTTERFLY: Pour small amount of washable craft paint in desired color onto a tray. Gently press child’s bare foot into paint and press in center of drawing paper.
*Repeat with other foot making sure big toes BOTH face outside of paper.

HANDPRINT CHICKS: Pour small amount of blue washable craft paint onto tray. Gently press child’s bare foot into paint and press HORIZONTALLY at lower area of drawing paper creating “puddle”. Pour small amount of yellow craft paint on tray and gently press child’s hand (palms down) in paint and then press horizontally on paper just above puddle creating chick’s body (leaving small amount of room for chick’s legs).

*Alternate method- Paint different colors of washable craft paint onto child’s foot/hand and press on paper as directed above.


Step 3:
FOOTPRINT BUTTERFLY: Press child’s Index finger in different color paint and press between two footprints to create body of butterfly.

HANDPRINT CHICKS: Press child’s fingertip in the yellow paint and press at top of thumb on hand print creating chick’s head. Then dip child’s fingertip into blue paint and press all around chick creating raindrops.


Step 4:
FOOTPRINT BUTTERFLY: Let dry and add antennas with magic marker.

HANDPRINT CHICKS: Let fully dry, then add chick’s eye, legs, beak and wing with magic marker.


Footprint Butterflies and Handprint ChicksFootprint Butterflies and Handprint Chicks


*Don’t forget to put student name and year on the drawing, at least one inch away from the outside border.*

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Required Materials

  • 01Display My Art drawing paper
  • 02Watercolor paint
  • 03Paintbrush
  • 04Washable craft paint
  • 05Magic Markers
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