DMA Donates to Schools in Need

DMA Donates Art Supplies
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Display My Art donates art supplies to schools in need.


Each kit includes free markers and art paper.


DMA offers much needed relief to schools via fundraising programing

As COVID-19 continues to run its course, schools must adapt. Art budgets across the country have been cut as a result of the pandemic. Regardless of these challenges, Display My Art (DMA) continues to support their schools. DMA offers much needed relief to schools via fundraising programing. Bolstering a school budget via educational fundraising is a wonderful way to raise money while showcasing student creativity. Now more than ever, it is important to work together. The family owned business has even gone so far as to donate art supplies to schools in need.

Schools typically deal with limited resources. However, during these uncertain times, supplying entire classrooms with materials can be a real challenge and strain educators. In fact, many schools may continue distance learning in an effort to reduce the number of people gathered in one building. In which case, art supply kits for students will become essential.

DMA sends starter kits to their schools as a standard practice. Each kit includes free markers, art paper, folders, keepsake samples and marketing materials to help make the fundraiser is a success. Schools booking fundraisers into fall 2020 and spring 2021 are already receiving these kits, making it easier for students to learn and create at home. It is noted that booking early ensures keepsakes arrive on time and generate the most profit for the school.

Now, many schools are wrestling with the decision of reopening. DMA has pledged to work with all schools to make the fundraising process easy, even adjusting dates as needed. Additionally, the company accepts digital files making it easy for classrooms continuing on with virtual learning. DMA also offers a multitude of online lesson plans in printable and video format. Teachers and volunteers can browse the website for inspiration and guidance on how to ensure a successful fundraiser.

Schools have certainly made many changes over the past several months to accommodate current circumstances. DMA is proud to stand with teachers and schools as they continue working hard to educate. Fundraising efforts lesson the financial burden on schools. Even through trying times, raising money for educational programs is attainable. Ultimately, DMA will always invest the time and effort to be sure their school’s fundraiser is an overall success.

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